Deepcool EK720 XS-1 Thermal Pad, Grey, 120 x 20 x 1mm, Designed To Conduct Heat Away From Microchips, Increase Your Thermal Performance


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Deepcool EK720 XS-1 Thermal Pads are designed to conduct heat away from microchips to be dissipated through a heat sink. Replace aging and low-quality interfaces for increased thermal performance on chip components in laptops, graphics cards, game consoles, or in other electronics.

Top quality material is sourced to make the EK720 highly durable with high thermal conductivity. The pliable interface fills in any pockets and gaps between surfaces for a seamless match. Rated at 6W/mK as defined through standardized testing compared to competing products with uncertain methodologies.

Technical Spec
Grease Color Gray
Specifications 120*20*(1.0mm)
Thermal Impedance 0.8 ℃·cm²/W
Thermal Conductivity 6.0 W/m·K
Specific Gravity(25℃) 3.4±0.2 g/cc
Operating Temperature -40°C to +200°C
EAN 6933412700210
P/N R-EK720-GYXS10-G-1

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